the girls share a double ended dildo

As the girls kiss Lily’s hand creeps up Kari’s fishnet stockings, past the top band, underneath the garter belt and onto Kari’s lovely bum which is being pushed out into a fleshy, squeezable form because of the elastic and stretched fabrics. You’ll be pleased to know that Kari keeps this highly fetishised outfit on for the duration and she looks so hot as she lays young Lily down to push inside her sweet opening, already responding to the passionate kissing. The girls share a double ended dildo, and take their time to arouse each other with it, licking and sucking before Lily teases Kari’s beautiful hole and slides it inside. You can see just how tight Lily is when she is riding up and down on the toy, her taut pussy lips cling firmly to the shaft as it slides in and out.


lesbea gf love to experiment and explore a range of sexual experiences

Rene and Tereza love to experiment and explore a range of sexual experiences. Tereza loves to masturbate and frequently finds herself so turned on that she is compelled to do it at home, in the office, or even on the bus. To make this indulgence a little more surreptitious in public she has invested in some bullet vibrators which she carries everywhere so that whenever the mood takes her she can fulfil her desires and usually get away with it. She brought them to us for this video hoping that Rene would be keen to play with the toys and give her an orgasm to remember. Rene is up for anything and after some juicy kissing with the girl’s tongues rolling over one another they got the vibes out and played with them on both arsehole and clit, just the way Tereza loves it.


perfect shaved pussy wrapped in tight white cotton panties

It’s lovely to see Suzie back again for the first time in a while. Today she finally gets her hands on the gorgeous young Ivy whose pert little bottom is presented in a mouthwatering way, wrapped in tight white cotton panties. As they kiss, Ivy’s hand roams down to Suzie’s belly, then slides between her legs, parting them and resting on top of her awakening pussy. When she has Suzie wet she pushes her down on the bed and slides her panties over, letting them cling to her plump arse cheeks so she can get to the wetness beneath and push a finger inside as quickly as possible. Ivy’s virginal white panties soon become wetter than a shower curtain, as Suzie licks on them you can see her budding flower beneath which is about to blossom when Suzie pushes her tongue inside. Suzie spoons behind Ivy, her fingers deep and Ivy pushes her bum back hard on her fingers, rocking back and forth, the girls are now given up to each other and dedicate to this feeling that nothing else exists outside their world.


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This long awaited video with Daisy and Tess sees the girls in fine form and looking gorgeous, Daisy in stockings and sexy underwear, Tess also in stockings and a black dressing gown looks sensational, it’s easy to imagine her the morning after bringing you fresh coffee in bed! But first the night before the morning after and after some play Tess eases herself on to a strap-on which Daisy rests between her legs, Tess slowly slides her moist vagina up and down the length, a moment which arouses Daisy also. When Tess dons the strap-on to penetrate Daisy we are treated to a hard and deep fucking as she pumps the full length in and out of Daisy, pulling her hair and making sure she comes hard.


she slides a hand inside and begins to masturbate

Ivy takes advantage of being alone by putting on some sexy pantyhose and playing with them. After putting her hand inside one sock and stroking her pussy with it she slowly pulls them over her legs making them and her pert bottom look irresistible. She slides a hand inside and begins to masturbate at which point her long term lover Eufrat arrives. Turned on by the sight she can’t stop herself joining in and sliding her own hand inside with Ivy’s. Ivy lays down and stretches her legs out and Eufrat plays on the wet spot that has formed at Ivy’s crotch, you can see her clitoris and young labia showing through the sheer nylon now clinging to her skin. Ivy is taken from behind with the pantyhose tugged halfway down her thighs, a deep climax for her and she is filled with enough arousal to then have Eufrat sit on her face in return.


they shows tantalising glimpses of their incredible assets

The return of Daisy continues with this sexy video scene. The first in a while to feature and focus on a strap-on which is treated in a very sensual way. The girls look good enough to eat in their full body stocking suits which wrap their physiques tightly showing tantalising glimpses of their incredible assets, particularly Zuzana’s plump bum and Daisy’s perfect breasts. Daisy is blindfolded and Zuzana teases her with kisses before laying down to eat at her young pussy. After this foreplay she elides a double-ended dildo inside Daisy and rides on the other end herself, her juices running down the rubber shaft. An erotic encounter for these gorgeous girls.


she has developed a huge wet patch in her small silk undies

After a couple of recent scenes with us Kayla now feels she is ready for a woman like Eufrat. She needs a woman to guide her and allow her to open up to herself and discover what it is she wants in bed and Eufrat is definitely the woman for the job. It takes all of Eufrat’s experience and intuition to tease the woman out of the shy girl but she takes on the challenge with verve. She begins by pushing herself gently on the young blonde, kissing her and beginning to feel on her panties. By the time that Eufrat is undressed and Kayla has allowed herself to slip a hand inside Eufrat’s she has developed a huge wet patch in her small silk undies. Eufrat loves licking upon it before peeling them off and pushing her tongue deep inside Kayla. Licking and fingering her from behind she brings her close to climax before spooning her and fingering her G-spot to a big orgasm which shudders through Kayla and leaves her yearning for the touch of more women as skilled and experienced as Eufrat.


she begins the massage concentrating a lot on sexy legs and working away at her perfectly plump white bum

Lola begins the massage concentrating a lot on Lily’s sexy legs and working away at her perfectly plump white bum before turning her over where she begins to massage her smooth as silk 21 year old pussy, which soon enough had Lola’s fingers slipping in and out of it to responsive groans and moans. Lily then turns over and pushes her sexy bum in the air and places her head down on the bed leaving herself to the mercy of Lola’s experienced fingers which were soon once again penetrating her deeply. It wasn’t long before Lily was reaching the height of ecstasy and grabbing hold of the sheets as she orgasms.


their personalities and bodies seem a perfect fit

Rene and Jenny complement each other very well. Not only do their names roll off the tongue but their personalities and bodies seem a perfect fit. When they wrap their slim, elegant figures around one another it’s sometimes difficult to see where one ends and the other begins! Rene’s bum peeks tantalisingly out the bottom of her short shorts and Jenny catches a glimpse of exactly what she wants to get her hands on! Rubbing their crotches together the girls kiss deeply, their tongues doing the talking. Rene is eager to suck on Jenny’s tongue, hungrily pulling it as far as possible into her mouth. Rene kisses down Jenny’s torso to her belly which she devotes some time to, licking and enjoying the soft flesh. Jenny, now in only her denim shorts sits up on Rene and rubs herself slowly back and forth, a heightened sense of arousal flowing through her. This feeling is shared and the girls strip fully so they can trib their pussies together. Soon Rene goes down on Jenny’s perfectly shaved pussy, taking time to lick and suck on the clit before penetrating with her fingers also and taking Jenny to a long orgasm.


she lets her climb up and sit on her face

Slurping and sloppy sounds as the girls kiss, they hold each other close, fingers feel their way through long and gorgeous hair pulling one another into each kiss. Micha is drawn in to Tess’s beautiful bosom as if controlled by a magnetic field and already tries to bury her face within. The girls fall to the bed still embracing, Micha’s hair cascades down onto Tess who wraps her legs around her lover before rolling over and on top. At this moment the girls pause, their mouths linger inches apart as they realise how fast things are moving and anticipate their next sensual embrace. Micha falls toward Tess’s breasts once again, this time she can’t resist and frees them to be sucked and savoured, who could turn down the chance to suck upon such a perfect pair? The rest of Tess’s figure is showcased as she lays face down on the bed, pushing her plump bum in the air allowing Micha to slide down her back and feel every curve. Finally Micha moves in for Tess’s sweet and puffy pussy, she lets her climb up and sit on her face, riding her mouth as Micha’s tongue probes deep inside.