perfectly formed young body with plenty of oil

Whenever Ava enters a room it bubbles with energy and anticipation of fun! She joins us for massage from a highly experienced and horny masseur, Uma. As soon as the two met it was clear this scene was going to be naughty to say the least, and we weren’t disappointed. Uma started to cover Ava’s perfectly formed young body with plenty of oil and the magic began to flow too. Ava trembled with every second of Uma’s experienced hands rubbing oil into her breasts and legs and before long Uma had her hands full with more than just oil but a horny girl ready for anything.


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The girls grab a firm hold on each other as they kiss and slowly build up the heat. You can see and feel Kayla’s big and ripe teen body almost bursting out of the oh-so-tight summer dress and Rene teases us by not releasing it until she is ready for the magic moment herself. Kayla pushes herself down on Rene, keen to show the older woman she has a trick or two up her sleeve and begins to rub her crotch around on top of Rene. Rene rolls Kayla over so she can treat her the same, kissing and looking into each other’s eyes all the time. Rene finally pulls down the top of Kayla’s outfit to reveal her breasts and suck upon them but by this point her dress has already ridden high up he thighs, exposing her panties in a most lustful image. Rene slides her hand inside Kayla’s white lace as they kiss, rubbing Kayla’s sweet spot and preparing to take her on a journey to orgasmic bliss.


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Lily and Tracy know each other so well now, they have learnt plenty of each other’s secrets: the hottest erogenous zones, hidden fantasies, but still they are willing to learn more, to explore fully and come back with more than just a “taste” of each other. They take their time with deep slow kissing, mouths locked together almost in slow motion. Tracy moistens her fingers before slipping them inside Lily’s panties, she loves to feel them glide inside her warm slit. The girls have taken their time with this foreplay and only now do they start to undress one another. Tracy’s incredible form exposed as her summer dress falls from her. Lily has the first of two leg trembling climaxes with her thighs clamped on Tracy’s head deep in her crotch, squeezing tighter with each orgasmic step she climbs.


two of the best lesbian masseurs together to handle one client at the same time

It’s rare to get two of the best masseurs together to handle one client at the same time. Few could be more deserving of this treat than the selfless lover and member of porn royalty Zuzana. The treatment started with Lola and Uma giving Zuzana their trademark shoulder and foot rubs respectively. With both girls working on Zuzana to the best of their abilities it’s no surprise that soon enough the massage turned into a steamy hot threesome with Lola and Uma worshipping at each end of Zuzana’s responsive body, pleasuring her from head to toe. Go ahead and indulge your senses just the same!


she gently caresses her thighs with kisses until she reaches her panties

Tracy makes her way up Kayla’s leg, using her lips to navigate she gently caresses her thighs with kisses until she reaches her panties. Tracy just wants to show her new girl a good time so she pays plenty of attention to this area before even thinking about moving up and kissing her mouth. When their lips do meet it is deep and sensual, they hold each other tight as Tracy pushes down on Kayla’s tight young body, feeling the flesh give way to her firm pressure. When Kayla rolls over on top she mounts Tracy’s thigh and gives her a similar treatment in return. The girls sit up, Tracy rubs her hands inside Kayla’s panties, accompanied by deep eye contact as Kayla feels the sensations and starts breathing heavily. Tracy grinds her pussy hard on Kayla’s leg, her bubble butt sticking up in the air and looking good enough to eat. Tracy slows down to savour Kayla’s bum before peeling her panties off and moving in to finger her, a prelude to a climax when Tracy goes down on Kayla, eating her thoroughly to give her a long and strong orgasm, one that takes its time to build and build from deep within her.


the electricity and sexual tension hangs heavy in the air

Very passionate right form the start, the girls really enjoying kissing and sucking on each other’s tongues. There is a very high energy level, not in the obvious sense of the girls rolling around all over each other but the electricity and sexual tension hangs heavy in the air. These two women have clearly been waiting a long time for this moment to come, where they can finally embrace and taste what has been so tantalisingly close for so long. There is nothing to be said, the understanding between the two is animal, instinctive and they both act accordingly, following these impulses to their natural outcome. There is great intimacy in Eve’s orgasm and in the reaction of the women afterwards, Micha wants to hold Eve closely and feel her heart racing and her hot breath on her neck. Eve makes sure she truly satisfies Micha and won’t stop until she feels her trembling with orgasmic pleasure, which she does as she grabs hold of Eve’s hair as the brunette eats her pussy with a hunger.


sensual lesbian massage using a hot herb compress

Bailey’s confident aura already has Lola wet as she is stripped of her robe and treated to an amazing, sensual massage using a hot herb compress. As the heat draws her sexual energy in Bailey is submissive to all Lola’s demands and simply lays back and enjoys what the young therapist has in store. Lola loves to explore a tight, willing pussy and her hands are all over Bailey in a flurry of passion as she opens her up and lets her fingers do more than just work her muscles. Bailey’s beautiful little pussy enjoys Lola’s expertise resulting in an incredible climax, her slick finish captured beautifully on camera.


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Slowly they kiss, taking the time to let their wet tongues probe each other’s mouths, and roll around each other in a vey sensual way. Their mouths locked together or apart and sucking on each other’s tongues Gina and Rene are kissing in a fantastically deep way, lip smacking sounds accompanying it all the time! Rene slides down to kiss Gina’s neck, her open mouth gliding across the moistened surface as Gina sighs with increasing arousal. The girls search for more and more variety of stimulation in this scene and they pleasure each other with their tongues, fingers, toy and also tribbing their pussies together.


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On her day off from reception work Sandy goes searching for the personal touch of a beautiful tanned young teen, fulfilling her fantasy of being rubbed down and penetrated by a sexy stranger. Today she finds herself in the hands of Lola and as the massage becomes heated Sandy finds herself grabbing hold of the sheets on the table as she oozes out cum between the fingers of this horny little teen, letting out a scream of ecstasy as Lola fingers her soaking wet hole. Once satisfied Sandy pours oil down the pert breasts of this tanned teen, places her across her knee and begins to ease her fingers into her perfect pussy until the cum drips from Sandy’s fingers.


her checkered skirt falling away to the sides and exposing her pale thighs

Samantha’s first ever video with us and she was completely in love with Zuzana. Her intuitive love making skills and expert touch have Samantha eating out of her hands who could not believe her luck and simply did not want the moment to end. You can see this for yourselves in a wonderful exchange when the scene should have ended but Samantha stayed in Zuzana’s arms, holding her tight and grinning like a Cheshire cat and peppering her with kisses! From the start, as the girls began to explore each other Zuzana quickly established her gentle dominance by pushing her body down on top of Samantha, her tight denim cut-offs accentuating her bum as she slowly grinds away, Samantha adjusting her hips to allow her further into her crotch, her checkered skirt falling away to the sides and exposing her pale thighs. Growing in confidence, Samantha rolls over to climb on Zuzana, she pulls down her bra straps and her ample bosom is exposed, Zuzana immediately sucking on the fleshy mounds. It’s not long before Zuzana slips a hand inside Samantha’s white silk panties, allowing Samantha to taste her own sweet juices which are already forthcoming. It just gets better and better and better so why bother with words when you can go ahead and see the actions speaking so much louder!