plump figure simply means there is more for her to love

Ava loves her girlfriend Lucia, to her she is perfect just the way she is. It might sound like a cliche but her plump figure simply means there is more for her to love. Ava is a very passionate woman and gets overcome by her sexual urges very easily and loves to grope and pull her partners around in as the desire takes her. She likes to feel the weight of her partner on her, pushing down and locking her into a physical intimacy which is incredibly intense. Ava is not exactly lacking in frame and physical attributes, she has a highly sexual figure and Lucia goes to work on her full bosom, and wonderful plump hips and arse, giving them the attention they deserve. When she pulls back her panties to first suck on her delicious clitoris she slows everything down so she can feel every split second of the sensation. You can clearly hear how wet Lucia is by the time Ava comes to finger her, the heated foreplay has been more than enough to get her juices flowing. Ava hits the spot, licking and fingering fiercely to give Lucia an intense, body trembling orgasm. Consumed by desires now the girls are all over each other, grinding and rubbing together until Ava sits on Lucia’s face, who eats hungrily, it doesn’t get much hotter than this.

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