she grabs firmly at her girlfriend tight jeans

Lola and Rene decided not to take the same train today, decided not to wait for that same bus to take them to the same old office where they work but instead to make their own plans and have a special day off work together. They both called in sick and arranged to meet at Rene’s apartment in town where they could get up to some mischief that would definitely get them disciplined at work. Rene grabs firmly at Lola’s tight jeans, squeezing through hem at her plump little cheeks contained inside. All the while the girls fully snogging as they push their tongues together deep inside their mouths. Lola lays Rene down so she can rub herself on top, and push her hand inside Rene’s tight black shorts, their limbs entwined as they push their bodies tighter together, still kissing. Roughly, they fumble at at each other’s tops, urgently trying to force their hands underneath. Rene manages to squeeze a hand inside Lola’s jeans so she can rub Lola’s pussy through the sheer fabric and Lola pulls down Rene’s bra enough for one of her nipples to be pushed out which she sucks on dutifully. Lola worships Rene’s freckled torso, burying her face deep as she kisses and licks it before pulling off Rene’s tight shorts and exposing Rene’s pussy so she can display her expert tongue technique, leaving Rene moaning and groaning, wriggling in the bed as she grabs tightly to Lola’s hair before Lola pushes her fingers inside. Rene desperately wants an orgasm today and after rubbing herself on Lola’s leg, she gets one when Lola fingers her and we hear her soaking wet pussy taken all the way.

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