she has developed a huge wet patch in her small silk undies

After a couple of recent scenes with us Kayla now feels she is ready for a woman like Eufrat. She needs a woman to guide her and allow her to open up to herself and discover what it is she wants in bed and Eufrat is definitely the woman for the job. It takes all of Eufrat’s experience and intuition to tease the woman out of the shy girl but she takes on the challenge with verve. She begins by pushing herself gently on the young blonde, kissing her and beginning to feel on her panties. By the time that Eufrat is undressed and Kayla has allowed herself to slip a hand inside Eufrat’s she has developed a huge wet patch in her small silk undies. Eufrat loves licking upon it before peeling them off and pushing her tongue deep inside Kayla. Licking and fingering her from behind she brings her close to climax before spooning her and fingering her G-spot to a big orgasm which shudders through Kayla and leaves her yearning for the touch of more women as skilled and experienced as Eufrat.

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