she lets her climb up and sit on her face

Slurping and sloppy sounds as the girls kiss, they hold each other close, fingers feel their way through long and gorgeous hair pulling one another into each kiss. Micha is drawn in to Tess’s beautiful bosom as if controlled by a magnetic field and already tries to bury her face within. The girls fall to the bed still embracing, Micha’s hair cascades down onto Tess who wraps her legs around her lover before rolling over and on top. At this moment the girls pause, their mouths linger inches apart as they realise how fast things are moving and anticipate their next sensual embrace. Micha falls toward Tess’s breasts once again, this time she can’t resist and frees them to be sucked and savoured, who could turn down the chance to suck upon such a perfect pair? The rest of Tess’s figure is showcased as she lays face down on the bed, pushing her plump bum in the air allowing Micha to slide down her back and feel every curve. Finally Micha moves in for Tess’s sweet and puffy pussy, she lets her climb up and sit on her face, riding her mouth as Micha’s tongue probes deep inside.

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