the electricity and sexual tension hangs heavy in the air

Very passionate right form the start, the girls really enjoying kissing and sucking on each other’s tongues. There is a very high energy level, not in the obvious sense of the girls rolling around all over each other but the electricity and sexual tension hangs heavy in the air. These two women have clearly been waiting a long time for this moment to come, where they can finally embrace and taste what has been so tantalisingly close for so long. There is nothing to be said, the understanding between the two is animal, instinctive and they both act accordingly, following these impulses to their natural outcome. There is great intimacy in Eve’s orgasm and in the reaction of the women afterwards, Micha wants to hold Eve closely and feel her heart racing and her hot breath on her neck. Eve makes sure she truly satisfies Micha and won’t stop until she feels her trembling with orgasmic pleasure, which she does as she grabs hold of Eve’s hair as the brunette eats her pussy with a hunger.

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