their personalities and bodies seem a perfect fit

Rene and Jenny complement each other very well. Not only do their names roll off the tongue but their personalities and bodies seem a perfect fit. When they wrap their slim, elegant figures around one another it’s sometimes difficult to see where one ends and the other begins! Rene’s bum peeks tantalisingly out the bottom of her short shorts and Jenny catches a glimpse of exactly what she wants to get her hands on! Rubbing their crotches together the girls kiss deeply, their tongues doing the talking. Rene is eager to suck on Jenny’s tongue, hungrily pulling it as far as possible into her mouth. Rene kisses down Jenny’s torso to her belly which she devotes some time to, licking and enjoying the soft flesh. Jenny, now in only her denim shorts sits up on Rene and rubs herself slowly back and forth, a heightened sense of arousal flowing through her. This feeling is shared and the girls strip fully so they can trib their pussies together. Soon Rene goes down on Jenny’s perfectly shaved pussy, taking time to lick and suck on the clit before penetrating with her fingers also and taking Jenny to a long orgasm.

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