two young lesbea massage more than just each other's skin

Ever the professional Lola simply smoulders as she kneads the soft skin of Angel’s pert little ass and relishes in knowing she’s doing more than just relieving her client of stress and tension. Angel’s body is so susceptible to Lola’s touch she is almost glowing in anticipation as she teasingly glides the massage broom over her sweet little pussy, her inner energy flourishing as she quivers in delight. As the oil flows and her hands send sweeping strokes of electricity all over Angel’s body, Lola can’t help herself but lay her tongue on the delectable pussy as it glistens under the soft lighting. As the two young beauties massage more than just each other’s skin their smiles melt like the oil in their palms and all that’s on their mind is pleasure. Angel’s tender fingers flow over Lola’s body and find themselves sinking into Lola’s pussy as the two girls lose control right there on the massage table, a treat for all the senses.

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